Born and raised as both Quaker and Cherokee in the number-one flyover state of Kansas. Brandee left the Midwest so she wouldn’t become another statistic of being a divorced mother of three by the age of 19 or serving any time in the local state pen. So, she moved to Los Angeles, where she became an unsuccessful comedy writer instead. Her parents are super proud! 

Brandee’s resume includes stints at Mad TV, Family Guy, American Dad, and DC Comics. She has worked on various other shows for the CW, Fox, and Nickelodeon. She has written several things  she promises you’ve never heard of or are currently out of print. In late 2021, Brandee’s book of true, sometimes tragic but always funny short stories was published by Sideshow Media Group called None of this is Going According to Plan. Brandee is currently writing the sequel called, Still, None of this is Going According to Plan scheduled for release fall of 2023. Brandee is the creator/writer of Sasquatch Detective published by DC Comics. She’s also the writer of audio dialogue for Amazon Echo’s partnership with The Walt Disney Company for Disney Dailies including Zootopia and The Incredibles as well as My Disney Story featuring The Little Mermaid, Cars, The Princess and the Frog, and Mickey & Friends. She was the audio editor/ rewriter for the Star Wars: Choose Your Own Adventure series (Obi-Wan & Anakin, Han & Chewie, Luke & Leia, and Finn & Poe). Brandee is the host of the cringe-worthy, true storytelling show Precious Story Moments with Aunt Brandee and can be found doing stand-up and storytelling around various comedy clubs in the Los Angeles area. She is currently contracted to write 80 episodes of SuperNoodle, where she can also be heard as the voice of Squeaky Laroo.

Brandee’s preferred color is blue. She adores singing loudly out of key to the wrong made-up lyrics in her head while dancing to Euro 80s music. Her favorite food is Mexican, even though sometimes it doesn’t love her back. She’s really good at having randomly weird things happen to her like wild animals mistaking her for Snow White or being invited to funerals for people she doesn’t know. Brandee loves playing and watching sports. The back of her Earth Destroyer 3000 looks like a sporting goods store full of cleats, bats, sleeping bags, and even two engraved bowling balls. Her ghost-hunting equipment is stored in her hall closet. 

Brandee hates clowns; angry or mean people; clowns; carnation flowers (while she’s at it, she might as well add baby’s breath in floral arrangements because Brandee believes they are weeds and they don’t belong in floral arrangements because they are just awful); people who lie; cheat, or steal; people who litter; petty drama; helium balloons; and she still really hates clowns (and really doesn’t want them to love her back).

Brandee has studied The Anatomy of a Joke, Comedy Structure & Performance, at ComedySportz, The Groundlings, UCB, and is a graduate of Improv Olympic-West (RIP) and Second City-Hollywood (RIP).